Allnations Cargo System, Inc.



We have developed an effective system that will help efficiently facilitate the following:

  • Pick-up of cargo from supplier thru our overseas associates and effect shipment to us.
  • Monitor movement of cargo from receipt of flight/voyage details.
  • Advance documentation on such shipments for early processing.
  • Inform client on the arrival of goods and arrange for immediate customs clearance.
  • Advance the payment of duties and taxes and related charges.
  • Immediate delivery and comply with delivery instructions that may be given by importer.
  • Offer consultancy on customs requirements.


The resourcefulness and competence of our staff creates a well orchestrated flow of work to be able to implement the following:

  • Effectively receive shipping and booking instructions.
  • Arrange and schedule the timely pick-up of the cargo and comply with the packing, stuffing, crating and any other matters related to the physical safety of the cargo.
  • Negotiate with carrier (Airline /Vessel) for the most competitive rate.
  • Provide and accomplish all necessary documentation and paper works.
  • Arrange for the safe transport and loading of the cargo to the loading area and submit all shipping documents the soonest possible time.
  • Monitor the movement of the cargo to the port of destination and provide delivery receipt.


We truly pride ourselves with what we can do because we do our best in everything and in a highly specialized way:

  • Consultancy for Customs Tariff, procedures and other shipping requirements.
  • Trans-shipment and re-forwarding of cargo
  • Warehousing/ Repacking / Crating